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Create Your Own Constitution

As we approach the Independence Day, create your own constitution with your family or your class. I believe it is important to talk with children about the importance of our constitution created by our forefathers. According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, constitution is defined as "fundamental principles on which an organization agrees to be governed." Our… Continue reading Create Your Own Constitution

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Top 10 Literature-Based Cookbooks

Step into the world of your favorite books with these top 10 literature-based cookbooks! At the beginning of the summer, I shared 10 simple ways to engage your young readers over the summer. A few of the tips that I shared were getting into a book series as a family, eating food inspired by books,… Continue reading Top 10 Literature-Based Cookbooks

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Must-Read Kids Books for Father’s Day

As the holiday approaches, check out these must-read kids books for Father's Day. Our dads are special, integral parts of our lives. It is an honor to set aside a day to honor them in a variety of ways. These books are a way of connecting with our dads, thinking about what makes them special,… Continue reading Must-Read Kids Books for Father’s Day

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The Best Literature-Based Kids Shows

If you are searching for the best literature-based kids shows, chances are you just need a break. I am a huge propotent of making books available for your kids to explore and reading aloud with your kids, but you know what? Sometimes, we need TV! Even if it is just for a few minutes. In… Continue reading The Best Literature-Based Kids Shows

Reading Tips

10 Simple Ways to Have Engaged Summer Readers

Looking for ways to keep your kids reading throughout the summer? Check out these 10 simple ways to have engaged summer readers. Don't try to do all of them all of the time! You will get burnt out! But maybe pick one or two that you think might resonate with your children and give it… Continue reading 10 Simple Ways to Have Engaged Summer Readers

Book Reviews

My Honest Review of Wildfire

As a parent and a teacher, I want to know what my kiddos are reading, but I don't have time to read every book out there! I hope my honest review of Wildfire by Rodman Philbrick will give you the confidence you need in deciding if the book is right for your child. Summary Sam… Continue reading My Honest Review of Wildfire

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100+ Must-Have Tools to Teach Biblical Truth

Looking for the best list of must-have tools to teach biblical truths to your children? You've come to the right place! As Christian parents and teachers, the most important thing we can teach our children is the truth of Scripture. Check out this variety of amazing tools to teach God's Word to your children in… Continue reading 100+ Must-Have Tools to Teach Biblical Truth

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19 Best Mentor Texts for Teaching Writing

When teaching writing, mentor texts are everything! Students need to see and read real life examples of writing to learn how to become a better writer themselves. These are the best mentor texts that I have found for writing. Some stories are funny, some are inspirational, and others are informational books that give practical tips… Continue reading 19 Best Mentor Texts for Teaching Writing


A Simple Easter Passover Lesson for Kids

During the Easter season, help your kids connect the dots between Passover, the Last Supper, and Communion with this simple lesson.

Book Lists

16 Best Picture Books About Libraries

Because of National Library Week, I began thinking about the best picture books about libraries that I can use to teach my children everything there is to know about this wonderful institution! These picture books allow you and your children to explore the history, activities, organization, and diversity of libraries around the world. The Librarian… Continue reading 16 Best Picture Books About Libraries