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A Gingerbread Party

It's the season for parties so why not host a gingerbread party? Gingerbread cookies are my favorite, and I love to indulge every year. I also love the story of the Gingerbread Man, so I decided to create a party based on my two favorite Christmas things! Get your party started with these books, decoration,… Continue reading A Gingerbread Party


12 Count Down to Christmas Activities for Toddlers

Build anticipation and make memories with these twelve count down to Christmas activities for toddlers! Fill the days leading up to Christmas with holiday cheer with each of these activities. This year, my toddler is old enough to get excited about Christmas festivities. I love watching her eyes light up as we flip on the… Continue reading 12 Count Down to Christmas Activities for Toddlers

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An Old-Fashioned, Little Women Christmas

As the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season begins, I find myself desiring an old-fashioned, Little Women Christmas for me and my family. In the classic Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, the reader follows four sisters living in the 1860s as they pass from childhood into womanhood. The author devotes a few chapters… Continue reading An Old-Fashioned, Little Women Christmas

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Favorite Christmas Board Books for Toddlers

The holiday season has arrived and these are a few of my favorite Christmas board books for toddlers! As the evenings get darker and the Christmas lights glow, I love to curl up with my small daughter and read a few of these goofy, adorable, Christmas books! She loves the bright colored illustrations, the lift-and-see… Continue reading Favorite Christmas Board Books for Toddlers

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The Top 10 Nutcracker Books for Kids

The Nutcracker performance is a holiday tradition around the world! The music was written by Tchaikovsky and several amazing artists over time have developed the beautiful dances. These are my top 10 Nutcracker books for kids when I introduce the ballet to my kiddos. This book list provides engaging versions of The Nutcracker story, how… Continue reading The Top 10 Nutcracker Books for Kids

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Christmas Around the World Books for Kids

What better way to celebrate Christmas with your kiddos than to explore what Christmas looks like around the globe? Check out these amazing Christmas Around the World books for kids! You and your children will find that the information is easy to find, read, and understand. Use these books to faciliate more research into global… Continue reading Christmas Around the World Books for Kids


A Simple Easter Passover Lesson for Kids

During the Easter season, help your kids connect the dots between Passover, the Last Supper, and Communion with this simple lesson.


The Greatest Story

It's Christmas Eve! The anticipation of Christmas day is tangible! The Christmas season is my favorite time of year. One of the things that I love most about Christmas is all of the stories and legends I get to read with students each year. The stories of reindeer, elves, Santa, and other legendary characters bring… Continue reading The Greatest Story