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Heartwarming Children’s Books for the Autumn Season

As the seasons begin to shift and the days become cool, settle in with these heartwarming children's books for the autumn season. Your children will appreciate the cozy moments together as you read and explore all that is to come during fall. If You Go Down to the Woods Today Enjoy this beautifully illustrated seek-and-find… Continue reading Heartwarming Children’s Books for the Autumn Season

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How to Help Your Child Build Reading Comprehension

A Wholistic Reading Approach Let's talk about how to help your child build reading comprehension. In a wholistic reading approach model, comprehension is just as important as the decoding of words. Overall understanding of the text is the goal of reading, therefore comprehension skills must be learned and practiced. What are we looking for? As… Continue reading How to Help Your Child Build Reading Comprehension

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Why Fluency Matters

The Wholistic Reading Approach Learning to read is so much more than just decoding words. As parents and teachers, we need to help our children learn and grow in all areas of reading. This includes decoding, background knowledge, comprehension, and fluency for total understanding. What is fluency? Much like the word "decoding", you will hear… Continue reading Why Fluency Matters

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The Decoding Detective

A Wholistic Reading Approach Reading is a foundational life skill that we teach our little ones in the early years of their life. The goal of reading is not simply to teach children read words and read them quickly. Instead, we want our kiddos to read to understand a new text. A wholistic reading approach… Continue reading The Decoding Detective

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Constructing Background Knowledge

A Wholistic Reading Approach Constructing background knowledge is one of the foundational skills of the wholistic reading approach. Check out this post to read about how to teach reading in a wholistic, well-rounded way. What is background knowledge? Background knowledge is the information you already know about a topic that you can apply to a… Continue reading Constructing Background Knowledge

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A Wholistic Reading Approach

As parents and educators, I believe we should have a wholistic approach to teaching our children how to read. There are so many facets to learning to read. Often when we think of "learning to read", we think about sounding out words, learning letters names, sounds, and blends. While decoding is a HUGE part of… Continue reading A Wholistic Reading Approach

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Top 10 Picture Books About Growth Mindset

Are you looking for a fun way to teach your kiddos about tackling problems and growing through the challenges? Check out the top 10 picture books about growth mindset! "Growth mindset" is a big buzz phrase in the educational world . . . but what are we really talking about? Resilience. All throughout our lives,… Continue reading Top 10 Picture Books About Growth Mindset

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15 Picture Books About Kindness

If you are looking to teach your children about how to treat others, here are 15 picture books about kindness! Kindness is important for all relationships whether children are building friendships, building community in the classroom, or simply learning to be kind to their siblings. Want to teach children all about kindness? Skip the lecture,… Continue reading 15 Picture Books About Kindness

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The Ultimate Guide of Children’s Books For Camping

Planning a camping trip? Be sure to check out the ultimate guide of children's books for camping along the way! Discover stories of exciting camp adventures, learn the alphabet inspired by the campsite, learn about nature through trail guides, and stay entertained in the car with camping activity books! This all-time guide to kids books… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide of Children’s Books For Camping

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Create Your Own Constitution

As we approach the Independence Day, create your own constitution with your family or your class. I believe it is important to talk with children about the importance of our constitution created by our forefathers. According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, constitution is defined as "fundamental principles on which an organization agrees to be governed." Our… Continue reading Create Your Own Constitution