Hey there! I’m Gabrielle!

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am a quirky, fun-loving woman, a follower of Jesus, wife, new mom, elementary teacher, and most importantly, an avid coffee consumer obsessed with feeling cozy. 

I am the oldest of four sisters so our lives were never boring! My parents worked tirelessly to make sure that my sisters and I had an endless supply of books, and they also pushed us to use our imaginations to the fullest.

In high school and college, I spent all of my summers working as a nanny or traveling to other countries to live with missionaries and support their families. In college, I majored in elementary education with a minor in early childhood. My husband and I met at college and married as soon as I graduated. My husband is a pastor so, soon after we were married, we moved to Florida where he got a job as a youth pastor. Since graduating, I have been teaching at various grade levels in my school. So far, I have spent time teaching kindergarten to fifth grade. This experience has helped me understand where my students start and what they are to become.

As a teacher, I see children becoming less interested in books, preferring to spend their time playing fast-paced games on their electronics. As a mom, I fear that my little girl might be sucked into our electronic age and miss out on the joy that quality literature can bring.

It is my goal to change that . . . for students, for my family, and for you.

My dream is to produce simple, quality tips and tools that can help you, the elementary teacher or the homeschool mom, incorporate literature into your everyday lives. Reading should be fun! But coming up with creative ideas to engage your young readers takes time, time and energy that many of us don’t have. That’s where I want to help.

Let me do the leg work, so you can focus on having fun with your children.

I look forward to sharing all that I have learned and love about reading!

~ Gabrielle

Pictures by Annika Jean Photography

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