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The Best Thanksgiving Picture Books

These are the best thanksgiving picture books to read with kids as Thanksgiving Day approaches! Each of these books will remind us of the importance of memories with family and friends as well as encourage us to give back to the community around us.

Balloons Over Broadway

Learn about the small beginnings of the Macy’s Day parade! It all started out with a talented puppeteer with big dreams to create this beloved Thanksgiving tradition.

Thanksgiving in the Woods

One family has been celebrating Thanksgiving with a feast in the woods alongside family and friends! Read about this beautiful tradition and maybe try it out for yourself!

Sharing the Bread

Join this old-fashioned family as they take you along during their thanksgiving preparations. Join them around the table as they share thanks and most importantly . . . bread.

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

Learn about this brave Native American man who helped the pilgrims learn to survive in the new land.

The Worst Thanksgiving Book

This hilarious book will have you rolling in laughter and hungry for pizza! Hang out with Nameless Rock and his turkey friend as they explain why they DON’T like thanksgiving!

The Memory Cupboard: A Thanksgiving Story

This heartwarming tale reminds us that things are just things. What truly matters is the memories we make with the people in our lives.

The Very First Thanksgiving Day

Discover the history of Thanksgiving Day in America! Follow along as the pilgrims learn how to grow crops in this new land under the guidance of the Native Americans.

Thanksgiving Is Here!

Everyone loves thanksgiving with family and friends at Grandma’s house! Join this sweet family as they show you what a Thanksgiving Day looks like at their house!

Over the River: A Turkey’s Tale

Enjoy this classic thanksgiving poem along with bright and engaging illustrations. Follow the turkeys as they head to grandmother’s house for thanksgiving!

Round the Turkey: A Grateful Thanksgiving

Follow Jessie and his family as they each express their thankfulness around the thanksgiving table.

The Can-Do Thanksgiving

Be inspired to find ways to help other families during the Thanksgiving season. Let’s give thanks and give of our abundance to others!

Fat Chance Thanksgiving

After a fire destroys their apartment, Julia and her mom finally move to a new home. Through all of the hardship, Julia finds similarities in her journey to the pilgrims’ journey. Will she be able to pull off a big thanksgiving this year?

I hope that these books will help your children remember all of the beautiful aspects of thanksgiving! Have a wonderful holiday!

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