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A Thankfulness Activity for Kids

This thanksgiving season, get the most out of your read aloud with a thankfulness activity for kids!

One of my favorite books during the thanksgiving season Apple Cake: A Gratitude by Dawn Casey. In the story, a little girl goes for a walk and thanks all of her friends, family, and nature for coming together to create the ingredients for a delicious apple cake.

At the back of the book, the author was gracious enough to provide a simple, gluten-free apple cake recipe that you and your kiddos will love! Here is a simple little activity that will help you tie the book and thankfulness together to bring more meaning to your children.

Apple Cake Activity

  • Read the book Apple Cake: A Gratitude aloud with your children.
  • Now that your child knows that the end result of the girl’s nature walk is a delicious apple cake, read the book again.
  • As the little girl expresses gratitudes on her nature walk, ask your child what ingredient she might be gathering. (i.e. The little girl just thanked the hen. What ingredient do you think she got from the hen for her cake? Eggs!)
Thankfulness Activity for Kids
  • As your children identify the ingredients, send your child to the kitchen to find the ingredient.
  • Use the ingredients and the recipe at the back of the book to create individual apple cakes.
Thankfulness Activity for Kids
  • Give an apple cake to a friend and tell them why you are thankful for them. Use these adorable printable tags to share your message!

Spread gratitude this thanksgiving season!

I love this book because it generates amazing discussion about the cycles in nature, the food that nature creates for us, and more!

While you are reading Apple Cake: A Gratitude with your kiddos, try asking a few of these questions along the way. You will be surprised how quickly you can begin a conversation about the important work of our farmers or how the sun and rain work together to grow our crops.

Questions to Ask

  1. How to bees and flowers work together?
  2. What yummy treat do bees create that we can enjoy?
  3. How do the sun and rain work together?
  4. Why are the rain and sun important for our food?
  5. Why does the little girl thank farmers?
  6. Why are farmers an important part of our society?
  7. What nutritious drink do we get from cows?
  8. What delicious food do we get from chickens?
  9. What does the little girl’s family and friends help her do?
  10. Why is the dirt beneath our feet important for our food?
  11. What do you think the little girl will make with her food collected in nature?
  12. Why is it important to express gratefulness?

Bringing It All Together

The thanksgiving season is a time to stop and reflect on all that we can be grateful for. Let’s not rush through this season in anticipation for Christmas.

Instead, let’s slow down with our children, snuggle on the couch with a book, and discuss all of the good things in our life. To take it a step further? Let’s share our gratefulness! Let’s teach our children to act in kindness towards one another and let others know why they are thankful for them.

This simple activity of baking a small, delicious apple cake and sharing it with a friend along with a note about why you are thankful for them is a fun way to bring literature to life in a meaningful way for your children.

Happy reading!

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