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Children’s Books About Self-Control

These are my favorite, must-read children’s books about self-control. I love to read these books with my kiddos throughout the year as we encounter various self-control issues. Books are a wonderful way to open up a conversation with your children about proper behavior in a fun and engaging way!

children's books about self-control

I Have Ants In My Pants

Poor Louis! He seems to constantly have the urge to wiggle and move! Everyone says he has ants in his pants, but Louis can’t find them. Join Louis as he finds a fun new way to control his wiggles!

children's books about self-control

My Mouth is a Volcano

Louis has so much to say and often finds the words exploding out of his mouth! Join Louis as he discovers new strategies to control his talking while still sharing his ideas!

children's books about self-control

A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue

Josh is a tattler. He takes it upon himself to share all that he hears and sees with the teachers. But will a bad case of the tattle tongue change Josh’s bad habit? Read along to find out!

children's books about self-control

They Didn’t Use Their Heads

Follow as these sweet children learn to think before they act! This book is a wonderful to teach children to slow down, think, and be mindful of others around them before they act.

children's books about self-control

Personal Space Camp

Louis loves to be with others, but sometimes he takes up other people’s space! Join Louis as he learns strategies to help himself stay in his own space.

children's books about self-control

Impulsive Ninja

Struggling with impulsive behavior? Join Ninja as he learns to slow down and think before he acts or speaks.

children's books about self-control

What Were You Thinking?

Bryan is the funniest kid in school! But sometimes his jokes come at all of the wrong times. Follow Bryan’s journey as he learns to manage his impulses and be aware of the situation around him.

children's books about self-control

Decibella and her 6-Inch Voice

Isabella has a loud voice . . . a voice so loud that she earns the nickname “Decibella.” Eventually, Isabella’s volume begins to frustrate others, but she doesn’t know how to talk any other way! Until one day, her teacher shows her the 5 volume levels of talking. Will this strategy help Isabella?

children's books about self-control

I Just Want To Do It My Way!

RJ often finds himself in trouble for not doing his work . . . or at least not doing it correctly. With the help of his mom and dad, RJ learns to stay on task, ask for help, and complete the assignment correctly the first time.

I hope that you and your children find these books helpful and fun to read!

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