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Unique Gift Ideas for Girls

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for your children? Are you looking for gifts that will inspire your children to read and play? Welcome to Simply Literature’s gift guides!

These beautiful, literature-inspired gift guides are perfect for any occasion! Each guide includes corresponding literature to fit the theme and open-ended toys that will support your child’s imaginative play.

This year, give a different kind of gift. Trade the latest electronic gadget for a colorful book and a new toy. Watch the magic that comes with imagination and learning!

The Little Tea Party

Set up a beautiful and dainty tea for two . . . or more! Open your imagination to a world of fine tea, china tea cups, and lacy gloves!

Unique Gift Ideas for Girls
  1. Fancy Nancy Tea Party for Two
  2. My Very First Tea Party
  3. Tea Party Rules
  4. Straw Hat
  5. Lace Gloves
  6. Pearl Jewelry
  7. Tea Party Set

The Little Princess

What little girl isn’t also a little princess? Laugh and enjoy these adorable princess books, and then try it out for yourself! Dress up, set up your kingdom, and rule with kindness and grace!

Unique Gift Ideas of Girls
  1. Where’s the Princess
  2. An Ordinary Princess
  3. The Princess and the Pea
  4. Today Hallie Will Be A Princess
  5. Princess Dress Up
  6. Jewelry
  7. Dress Up Shoes
  8. Nail Polish
  9. Make Up
  10. Pretty Pretty Princess Game

The Little Mommy

Does your little one love her baby doll? Check out these sweet stories about little mommies and toys that will allow her to mimic the joys of motherhood!

Unique Gift Ideas for Girls
  1. Little Mommy
  2. Mommy Stories
  3. Stroller
  4. Baby Doll Accessories
  5. Baby Carrier
  6. Baby Doll
  7. Baby Bath Set
  8. High Chair

Thank you for checking out Simply Literature’s gift guides that encourage reading, imaginative play, and life skills! Happy gift-giving!

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