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Unique Science Gift Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for kids? Are you looking for gifts that will inspire your children to read and play? Welcome to Simply Literature’s gift guides!

These beautiful, literature-inspired gift guides are perfect for any occasion! Each guide includes corresponding literature to fit the theme and open-ended toys that will support your child’s imaginative play.

This year, give a different kind of gift. Trade the latest electronic gadget for a colorful book and a new toy. Watch the magic that comes with a sparked imagination and learning!

The Little Paleontologist

Step back in time to a world of giant dinosaurs! Learn about the various types of dinosaurs, what they ate, how they lived, how fossils are created, and more! You can even excavate your own little dinos!

Gift ideas for kids
  1. Dinosaurs for Kids
  2. Curious About Dinosaurs
  3. Dinosaur Lady
  4. You Can Be a Paleontologist
  5. 3D Wooden Puzzle
  6. Dinosaur Sketch Kit
  7. Dinosaur Digging Kit

The Little Science

Do you love to do science experiments and find out the “why” behind our world? Learn about all things science and conduct your own experiments with these handy books and tools!

Gift ideas for kids
  1. Big Book of Science
  2. I Can Be A Science Detective
  3. Kitchen Science Experiments
  4. The Fascinating Science Book
  5. Little Kid Science Kit
  6. National Geographic Science Kit
  7. Microscope Activity Cards
  8. Microscope

The Little Bug Catcher

Discover the lives of bugs that live all around us! Encounter the life cycle of lady bugs or butterflies and watch as they transform into something amazing!

Gift ideas for kids
  1. Bug Hunt book
  2. Ultimate Bugopedia
  3. The Big Book of Bugs
  4. Butterfly Garden
  5. Ladybug Growing Kit
  6. Bug Amber Kit
  7. Insect Toys
  8. Life Cycle Toy
  9. Bug Catcher kit

The Little Oceanographer

Do you love the oceans and all the unique creatures that live there? Take a deep dive into the ocean to discover all of its secrets with these books, games, and more!

Gift ideas for kids
  1. Ocean Anatomy
  2. Ocean Anatomy Puzzle
  3. Ocean Anatomy Sticker Book
  4. Ocean Animal Dig Kit
  5. The Fascinating Ocean Book
  6. Big Book of Blue
  7. Ocean Knowledge Encyclopedia
  8. Realistic Ocean Animals
  9. Ocean Bingo

The Little Astronomer

Explore the magic and secrets of the sky with amazing books and tools! Discover the constellations, planets, and more! Ready to take a trip? Pretend you are on your own rocket ship headed to the moon!

Gift ideas for kids
  1. Our Solar System
  2. The Fascinating Space Book
  3. Kid Astronomer
  4. Star Finder
  5. The Mysteries of the Universe
  6. Telescope
  7. Solar System Spy Puzzle
  8. Solar System Planetarium
  9. Planetarium Space Projector
  10. Rocket Ship Tent 

Thank you for checking out Simply Literature’s gift guides that encourage reading, imaginative play, and life skills! Happy gift-giving!

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