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Unique Gift Ideas for Artistic Kids

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for artistic kids? Are you looking for gifts that will inspire your children to read, play, and explore the things they love? Welcome to Simply Literature’s gift guides!

These beautiful, literature-inspired gift guides are perfect for any occasion! Each guide includes corresponding literature to fit the theme and open-ended toys that will support your child’s imaginative play.

This year, give a different kind of gift. Trade the latest electronic gadget for a colorful book and a new toy. Watch the magic that comes with imagination and learning!

The Little Comic Artist

Comic books are loved by many, especially the brightly colored illustrations that fill each page. Learn how to become your own comic book artist and dazzle your audience with your unique stories and illustrations!

Unique Gift Ideas for Children
  1. So You Want To Be a Comic Book Artist?
  2. How To Draw Cool Things
  3. Blank Comic Books
  4. Lily Renee Escape Artist
  5. Fine Tip/Brush Tip Markers
  6. Sketch and Drawing Kit
  7. My Comic Book

The Little Artist

Feeling artistic? Learn about some of the world’s most famous artists, observe their artwork, and learn how to sketch and paint and more! With these tools, maybe one day you too can become a famous artist!

Unique Gift Ideas for Children
  1. The Story of Paintings
  2. Louise Bourgeois
  3. Claude Monet
  4. Art Lab
  5. How To Draw All The Things
  6. Sketch and Drawing Kit
  7. Sketch Pad
  8. Electronic Sketch Pad
  9. Art Smock
  10. Paint Set

The Little Musician

Music is powerful! Discover the intricacies of the orchestra, listen to beautiful classical ballads, and discover your own musical talents with these books and instruments!

Unique Gift Ideas for Children
  1. The Story of the Orchestra
  2. Mozart book
  3. Guitar
  4. Bongo drums
  5. Keyboard
  6. Musical Instruments
  7. Carnival of the Animals
  8. Four Seasons

Thank you for checking out Simply Literature’s gift guides that encourage reading, imaginative play, creativity, exploration, and life skills! I hope that these unique gift ideas for children will be inspiring to you this holiday season!

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