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Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for unique imaginative play gift ideas for kids? Are you looking for gifts that will inspire your children to read, imagine, and explore? Welcome to Simply Literature’s gift guides!

These beautiful, literature-inspired gift guides are perfect for any occasion! Each guide includes corresponding literature to fit the theme and open-ended toys that will support your child’s imaginative play.

This year, give a different kind of gift. Trade the latest electronic gadget for a colorful book and a new toy and watch the magic that comes with imagination and learning!

The Little Teacher

Teachers are a wonderful part of our upbringing and our lives. Create your own little classroom and imagine the students you will impact in the future!

Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. Dear Teacher
  2. A Letter to My Teacher
  3. Because I Had a Teacher
  4. Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden
  5. Thank You (a book for teachers)
  6. Play Teacher Set
  7. Stamps
  8. My Calendar
  9. Teacher Record Book
  10. Educational Posters

The Little Stylist

Practice cutting, styling, braiding, and more! Dream of a future styling hair and making their beauty dreams come true!

Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. Braids & Buns, Ponies & Pigtails
  2. Show-How Guide to Hair Braiding
  3. Fancy Nancy
  4. Make Up Set
  5. Hair Stylist
  6. Ponytail Holder Set

The Little Doctor

Learn about the anatomy of the human body with these bright and engaging books and toys! Put that knowledge to use as you set up your imaginary medical practice to help heal others.

Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. The Fascinating Human Body Book for Kids
  2. Human Anatomy for Kids
  3. How Does My Body Work?
  4. Anatomy Coloring Book
  5. Interactive Human Body
  6. Brain Puzzle
  7. Wooden Doctor Set
  8. Doctor Costume

The Little Barista

Learn about intricacies of how coffee is grown and made with Slothee! Next, open up your own little coffee shop and see what caffeinated creations you can make (pretend of course)!

Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. Slothee Wants Coffee
  2. Slothee Still Wants Coffee
  3. Coffee Maker Toy
  4. Kids Apron
  5. Toy Espresso Maker
  6. Pour-Over Coffee Toy
  7. To-Go Coffee Cup Toys

The Little Store Owner

You go to the store all of the time, but have you ever thought about how the store works? Check out a few of my favorite books about the grocery store, and then open your own store! Serve your customers and community with a smile!

Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. Our Corner Grocery Store
  2. Our Farmer’s Market
  3. At the Supermarket
  4. Max Explains Everything
  5. Money
  6. Grocery Store Toys
  7. Cash register
  8. Shopping Cart
  9. Storefront Tent

The Little Firefighters

Firefighters are brave community servants who work hard to keep us safe! Learn about the firefighter’s job and then try it out for yourself!

Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. Our Fire Station
  2. Berenstain Bears Visit the Fire Station
  3. Firefighter
  4. Big Frank’s Fire Truck
  5. Fire hose
  6. Firefighter costume
  7. Firefighter toys
  8. Firetruck Tent

The Little Mail Carrier

Mail carrier’s are important to our community! They make it possible for us to communicate with people who are far away. Set up your own post office and write a letter! A handwritten note will always bring a smile to someone’s face!

Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. Delivering Your Mail
  2. Mail Movers
  3. The Lost Package
  4. Postman Pig
  5. Mail box
  6. Mail bag
  7. Mailman Costume
  8. Post Office Tent

The Little Builder

Builder’s are important because they build our homes and businesses around our community! Learn what it takes to build a house, study the art of architecture, and build something new with your own set of tools!

Unique Imaginative Play Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. Let’s Build
  2. Building a House
  3. Architecture for Kids
  4. How a House is Built
  5. If I Built a House
  6. Tool Belt
  7. How To Build a Building Paper Model Kit
  8. How To Build a House Paper Model Kit
  9. Tool Kit

Thank you for checking out Simply Literature’s gift guides that encourage reading and imaginative play! Happy gift-giving!

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