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Top 10 Picture Books About Growth Mindset

Are you looking for a fun way to teach your kiddos about tackling problems and growing through the challenges? Check out the top 10 picture books about growth mindset!

“Growth mindset” is a big buzz phrase in the educational world . . . but what are we really talking about?


All throughout our lives, we will encounter problems and challenges that we are not yet equipped to handle. What will we do? Will we get discouraged at failure and never try again? Or will we recognize that a challenge is simply an opportunity to grow?

As you sit down with your kiddos in the classroom or in your living room, pull out one of these inspiring stories and remind them that hard is not always bad. Hard is an opportunity for growth.

The Growing Story

Its hard to see growth in our own lives as it seems to happen so slowly. This story celebrates the small changes that make a big difference in our “growing up” journey.

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do

What do YOU do when faced with fear? Follow Lou on her hilarious and inspiring journey of facing her fears head on.

7×9= Trouble!

Math can be hard, frustrating, and discouraging, especially if you don’t get it! With the help of family and friends, Wilson works hard on his multiplication facts. Will he pass his times tables after all? This story is all about perseverance!

A Little Spot of Flexible Thinking

Part of growing in our mindset is being flexible! For children, flexible thinking allowing for mindset growth can be hard. Giggle along with SPOT as you learn to look at problems in a whole new way!

What Do You Do With An Idea?

Everyone has great ideas! But what do you do with idea? Explore the amazing possibilities that our ideas hold if we let them grow!

What Do You Do With A Chance?

A child is given a chance, but the chance is new and a little scary. Another chance is tried and failed. What does the child do? Does he keep taking chances? Or does he pass them by?

What Do You Do With A Problem?

A child is faced with a problem. But how does he face the problem? Does he run away? Does he push through? What should we do when we face a problem?

The Most Magnificent Thing

A little girl works hard on her inventing her dream design, but the project keeps failing. She becomes frustrated and wants to give up! What does she do next?

I Choose to Try Again

When we fail, we have a choice. We can walk away from the situation or we can choose to try again. Why is it important to try again? Does the choice make a difference?

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

There once was a girl who never made mistakes . . . until one day. This silly story will remind your little ones that life is to be enjoyed! Even the mistakes because they help us grow.

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

Let’s unpack the brain! What is the brain’s job? What actually happens in our brain when we make a mistake? Can we really change the way we think through mistakes?

A growth mindset is not natural. Instead, it has to be learned and practiced. Teaching children to view challenges as an opportunity to grow rather than a chance to fail is life changing! And what better way to start the conversation than through books?

Happy reading!

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