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15 Picture Books About Kindness

If you are looking to teach your children about how to treat others, here are 15 picture books about kindness! Kindness is important for all relationships whether children are building friendships, building community in the classroom, or simply learning to be kind to their siblings.

Want to teach children all about kindness? Skip the lecture, and try stories instead! Reading a book together about how we should treat other people is a wonderful way to jumpstart the conversation.

The Blue Pebble

Ollie finds a pebble. His friends say it is too ordinary and suggests that he gets rid of it! But Ollie hangs on to his little pebble, and one day, he finds a friend who could really use it.

Stick and Stone

This book is all about helping out a friend! When Stick finds himself in a sticky predicament, will Stone be there to help him?

The Little Red Thread

This sweet story teaches the reader about generosity and looking out for the needs of others. When Ollie finds a scrap of red thread, he gives it to a bird who was making a nest. When the Ollie receives two feathers in return, he goes hunting for another friend in need!

Each Kindness

A new girl joins the class, but Chloe decides she doesn’t want to be friends with her. One day, the new girl does not return and Chloe realizes that she missed an opportunity to be kind.

Do Unto Otters

Not sure how to treat someone new? Try the Golden Rule! Mr. Rabbit has new neighbors next door, but they aren’t rabbits. They are otters! What are they like? How should he treat them? The answer? Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated . . . with kindness.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Everyone has an emotional bucket. Have you reached out to someone today and tried to help or encourage them? When we show kindness to other people, our bucket will also be filled!

Kindness Snippet Jar

Snippet wants to be a part of the kindness jar! In the jar, the Snippets are written with kind acts. Kids pull from the jar and do the kind act for someone else! This little snippet wants to be a part of the kindness going around.

A Little Spot of Kindness

This little spot teaches us all about kindness. What is kindness? Why do we show kindness? HOW can we show kindness? Spot answers all of our questions so that we can begin showing kindness today!

The Sneetches

Some Sneetches feel that only the Sneetches with stars on their bellies are special. But in the end? They find out that all Sneetches are special and valuable to the whole community, therefore they should treat each other with kindness and respect.

The Giving Tree

All of the little boy’s life, the Giving Tree gives and gives of itself to the little boy. He looks for the boy’s need and seeks to meet it.

Enemy Pie

One little boy learns to turn his best enemy into his best friend with a few special recipes that you can’t resist! The secret ingredient? Kindness!

The Invisible Boy

Brian is a quiet boy, seemingly invisible to the rest of the group. But when Brian teams up with the new boy, Justin, Brian begins to shine! Through kindness, Brian’s talents and abilities began to impact the rest of the world.

When Charley Met Emma

When Charley met Emma, a girl in a wheelchair, he wasn’t quite sure what to do! Then, he realized that he and Emma actually had a lot in common, and they became good friends! This sweet story teaches children how to treat others with disabilities with kindness.

The Little Book of Kindness

This sweet books teaches us that all acts of kindness can make a big difference in anyone’s life!

Each of these special books teaches a different aspect of kindness to give children a well-rounded understanding of how we should treat one another!

Happy reading!

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