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Must-Read Kids Books for Father’s Day

As the holiday approaches, check out these must-read kids books for Father’s Day. Our dads are special, integral parts of our lives. It is an honor to set aside a day to honor them in a variety of ways.

These books are a way of connecting with our dads, thinking about what makes them special, and exploring new ways to celebrate them!

Books To Read

Dad By My Side

A sweet book to explore all of the ways our dads interact and support us in our lives . . . in the big ways and in the small ways.

Just Me And My Dad

Little Critter tells the reader all about the fun adventures he goes on with his dad, specifically a special one-on-one camping trip.

Made For Me

Dad’s are made just for each of us in such a unique way! Each dad is special!

I Love Pop!

In the Dr. Seuss rhyme that we all know and love, celebrate all that dad’s do for us! They contribute so much and make our lives better!

We Love Our Dad!

The Berenstain Bear children learn to serve and appreciate their dad on Father’s Day!

When Dads Don’t Grow Up

While dads are grown up, they are still kids at heart because they know how to have fun with us in a variety of silly ways!

I Love Dad

Join the very hungry caterpillar as he explores the love we all have for our dads.

My Dad Loves Me!

Our dad’s love us so much, and they show us their love in a variety of ways.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddies and daughters have a special connection!

I Love You, Dad

Find out all of the things that makes Ninja’s dad so special to him. Ninja’s dad even makes the best snacks!

How To Get A Daddy To Sleep

Normally, Daddy is getting me ready at bedtime, but what does it take to get a Daddy to sleep?!

How to Surprise a Dad

Father’s Day is coming! This is the best “how-to” guide with surprising a dad with all kinds of ways to make him feel special!

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad

The bond between father and daughter is special! Let’s celebrate it with this sweet rhyming book.

Why a Son Needs a Dad

The bond between father and son is special! Let’s celebrate it with this sweet rhyming book.

The Night Before Father’s Day

The night before Father’s Day is full of hustle and bustle getting ready to celebrate our awesome dads!

The Dad Who Never Gave Up

Visit the Bible and read about the father of the prodigal son, the father who never gave up on his child.

Father’s Day Gifts

I Wrote a Book About You

This fill-in-the-blank book about a dad is a beautiful and personal gift that a child can give to their father. This gift will bring a dad to tears, for sure!

A Little Book About My Awesome Dad

This book is also a fill-in-the-blank book about a dad. This book would be perfect for younger children as it only requires them to finish the sentence. This gift would be any father’s special keepsake.

Letters To My Dad

As a family, write a collection of letters to Dad about what he means to you. Store in this envelope book and give dad a gift that he will never forget!

I hope that these must-read kids books and gift ideas will help to make this Father’s Day a special one!

Happy Father’s Day!

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