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Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Check out my top 10 book series for read alouds. These series are perfect for the classroom or just to read together as a family.

Last week, I posted about 10 simple ways you could help your children stay engaged with reading over the summer. On my list, I suggested that families get into a book together, and I also suggested that kids get into a series to keep them coming back for more.

Why not combine the two and get into a series TOGETHER as a family?!

Explore ten of my favorite book series for families! You will find that these series are filled with relatable characters, mysteries to be solved, and more!

1. The Sixty-Eight Rooms Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Jack and Ruthie were on an ordinary trip the Chicago Museum of Art when everything changed. Follow Jack and Ruthie as their discovery of a magic key leads on an adventure through time in the Thorne Rooms!

2. The Boxcar Children Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Through a series of events, the Alden children find them selves living in a red boxcar without a family to care for them. Instead, they learn to care for one another. They also find that they have a knack for solving mysteries. Help the Alden children solve the unsolvable with this expansive book series.

3. Sisters in Time Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

While the books in this series do not build on each other’s story, readers can take a close look at fictional characters living through the tough parts of history. Discover how these girls lived, their struggles, their victories, and be inspired to learn more history.

4. Dear America Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Discover the history of America in a whole new way! Follow the lives of these girls as you read their fictional diaries. Learn about the lives of the early Americans in a personal way. Be inspired to deep dive into America’s history.

5. The Enola Holmes Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

If you wrote Enola backwards, it would spell “Alone.” This is how Enola finds herself on her 16th birthday. The much younger sister of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes has discovered that her mother has mysteriously left and it is up to Enola to find her. Join Enola as she solves exciting mysteries along the way. Will she ever find her mother? Or will she be alone? Forever.

6. The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Miss Penelope Lumley, a newly-hired 16 year old governess, is excited for her new life at Ashton Place caring for the three children of Lord and Lady Ashton. When she arrives, she finds that these children were actually found in the woods having been raised by wolves! The longer she lives at Ashton Place, the more she realizes that there is more to the children’s story than meets the eye. And is she, an orphan herself, somehow related to this whole mess?

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

The Baudelaire children find themselves alone when their parents mysteriously disappears. No one is willing to take them except for a distant relative named Count Olaf who is desperate to get his hands on the children’s family fortune. Follow the children as they encounter strange and unfortunate events as they search for their missing parents and protect the family fortune.

8. The Chronicles of Narnia Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Dive into the mystical world of Narnia created by C.S. Lewis. The most commonly read book in this series is The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but have you read the rest of the series? Discover the beginning, history, and end of Narnia through this captivating series.

9. The Lemonade War Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Evan and Jessie are a dynamic sibling duo! The trouble started when Evan found out that his younger sister was going to skip a grade, and they were going to enter fourth grade together. This made Evan mad and began the war of lemonade stands. As Evan and Jessie begin to talk out their differences with each other, other mysterious events begin happening! Soon, they will find themselves working together to solve it.

10. The Magic Tree House Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Jack and Annie are best friends! One day, they discover a mysterious tree house. When they climb the rope ladder and look around, they are suddenly transported to another time! There they live an exciting adventure and solve a mystery! Before they know it, they are traveling through time over and over again. Follow along with Jack and Annie and their historical adventures.

Bonus: The Sisters Grimm Series

Top 10 Book Series for Read Alouds

Sisters, Daphne and Sabrina, are sent to live with their mysterious grandmother, Relda Grimm. As the girls adjust to their new life in Ferryport Landing, they discover that all is not as it seems. They learn of their family relation to the Grimm Brothers and soon, the girls find themselves solving fairytale mysteries all over town! It is a Grimm Family destiny to keep the fairytales at bay.

I hope that the top 10 book series for families will become an exciting interest for your whole family! Almost every single one of these series were family favorites when I was growing up. We would often listen to them on CD on family road trips or even on a little trip to the grocery store.

We enjoyed discussing the events of the books together, guessing how the story would end, and sharing in the surprise when the events twisted in an unexpected way.

I hope these series will bond your family together in a common interest as it did for ours.

Happy reading!

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