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19 Best Mentor Texts for Teaching Writing

When teaching writing, mentor texts are everything! Students need to see and read real life examples of writing to learn how to become a better writer themselves.

These are the best mentor texts that I have found for writing. Some stories are funny, some are inspirational, and others are informational books that give practical tips to use in their writing.

Look! I Wrote a Book! (And You Can Too!)

Explore the beautiful and messy process of writing a story!

How to Make a Book (About My Dog)

This goofy book is a great way to walk children through the process of writing a informational piece along with pictures.

88 Instruments

This story is a great way to teach and inspire students to use onomatopoeia in their stories and poems.

How To Make a Book

While writing a book is important, explore the world beyond the story. How does a publisher choose which books to publish? How is a book printed and manufactured? Learn all about it!

Words, Wit, and Wonder: Write Your Own Poem

This informational text will give students poetic tools to put into practice as they write their own poems.

Once Upon a Time: Write Your Own Fairy Tale

This informational text will give students practical tools to apply to their fairytale stories.

Lady Lulu Liked to Litter

Laugh at this silly story as you explore the poetic tool of alliteration with your children.

Show Me a Story: Write Your Own Picture Book

This informational text will give students practical tools in planning, writing, and publishing their own picture books.

Just the Facts: Write Your Own Research Project

This informational text will give students practical tools to use when researching, outlining, and writing a research paper.

Listen, My Bridge is So Cool

This funny rendition of Billy Goats Gruff is written from the troll’s description. This book is an excellent example of taking a well-known story and rewriting it from a different character’s point of view.

You’re Toast

This book will support a teacher’s instruction about figurative language, specifically metaphors. Students will enjoy this funny book while learning how to write poetry.

Make Me Giggle: Write Your Own Silly Story

This informational text will guide students through the process of developing and writing a funny story that will have readers rolling!

Sincerely Yours: Write Your Own Letter

This informational text will guide students through the process of writing a proper letter and mailing it.

Writing Outstanding Opinion Pieces

Through this informational text, students will learn how to present their opinions in a powerful, kind way.

Writing Powerful Persuasive Pieces

Through this informational text, students will learn how to persuade their reader will with powerful facts and evidence to support their point of view.

The Word Collector

This sweet story about a girl out to save the beautiful words of the world, will encourage students to explore all the wonderful words they can use in their writing.

The Word Collector

Because of this story, students will be challenged to collect cool words that they hear and see to incorporate into their writing.

The Perfectly Messed-Up Story

The writing process is filled with trial and error. This story will encourage students not to get bogged down by the messy process, but rather fall in love with their perfectly messed up story.

Ralph Tells a Story

Ralph doesn’t know what to write for his story! Soon, he realizes that even the small parts of life can become the most exciting of stories! Help students get through writer’s block with this sweet tale.

I hope that your children will find these books helpful as they grow as readers and as writers.

Happy writing!

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