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15 Tools to Celebrate Easter

As April dawns, we look excitedly towards Easter, a time of celebration for our risen Savior! What an opportunity to teach our children about the gift that Christ gave us through His sacrifice on the cross!

This year, whether you add to your existing traditions or start new ones, be sure to grab one of these devotionals or other tools to teach your children about the wonder of Christ’s gift of salvation to the world!

The ABCs of Easter

In the 26 days leading up to Easter, learn about each part of the Easter story as it aligns with the alphabet. These cards would be perfect for family devotions.

Easter Nesting Eggs and Book

These hands-on nesting eggs are perfect for illustrating the events of each day during passion week. Allow the book to walk your family through the meaning of each nesting egg.

Resurrection Eggs and Devotional Book

Just like an advent calendar, children will love and look forward to opening an Easter egg each day as they count down the days. Each egg contains a small trinket that represents each part of the Easter account. A family devotional is included.

The Way to the Savior

Gather as a family each day to spend a moment contemplating the wonder of our Savior.

The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross

This beautifully illustrated picture book is the perfect way to teach about the connection between the Garden of Eden, the curtain in the temple, and Christ’s death on the cross. Make the most of book by purchasing the Count Down Calendar (family devotional included) and an activity Coloring Book.

Holy Week: An Emotions Primer

Explore the many emotions felt by those who were with Jesus during Holy week.

The Characters of Easter

Explore all of the people involved in the life of Jesus during the the Holy Week from the disciples, to the soldiers, to Jesus himself.

Twas the Morning of Easter

This book is a unique and biblical spin on the popular poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” This would be a great bed time story the night before Easter to center everyone’s attention on Jesus’ resurrection rather than just Easter basket.

Jesus Rose for Me

This board book is a great way to introduce your little children to the wonder of the gospel!

Easter is Coming

Despite the darkness that Jesus faced here on earth, He knew that Easter was coming. What hope! This beautiful board book shares that hope with young readers.

The Donkey Who Carried a King

This creative tale tells the Easter story from the perspective of the donkey who carried Jesus through the streets on Palm Sunday. The beautiful historical fiction teaches young readers that God can use anyone!

A Very Happy Easter

While the events leading up to Easter Sunday were some of the saddest that a person can experience, the day that Jesus arose was the happiest day on earth!

The Easter Storybook

This storybook would be great for family devotions. In the days leading up to Easter, explore the events of the Bible and how God weaves his redemtion into every story.

The Tale of Three Trees

This book is a popular tale, telling the story of Christ’s birth, life, an death from the perspective of the trees.

A Jesus Easter

Focus your Easter season on the person who matters most . . . Jesus!

I hope that your Easter season is a time of growth and encouragement for you and your family! Remember, He is risen! He is risen indeed!

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