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The Essential Picture Book List for Spring

As the first day of spring approaches, many of us wait in anticipation to get outside and finally enjoy the warmth that the season will bring us! The world around us will begin to come alive and blossom with new life. What an excellent time to explore the outdoors!

As winter fades into spring, pick up a few of these fun picture books to read with your children, and allow it to generate a discussion on how the world changes during the spring time.

Lets Go on a Hike!

Follow a little boy and his family as they explore a nearby forest. Can a family hike actually be exciting?

Because of an Acorn

An acorn is so small and seemingly insignificant. Can an acorn really have an impact on the world around me?

Too Many Carrots

Rabbit has a bit of a problem. He loves to collect carrots, but it seems that he has a few too many carrots! Will his friends be able to help?

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow

The beautiful, colorful world begins to turn into black and white when the sun and the cloud has a fight. Will a little box of crayons be able to save the whole world?

Spring is Here

Spring is coming! But how will you know when spring is here? Read this book and find out!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Watch as the cold, quiet winter world fades into a warm, bright spring time season.

When Spring Comes

As winter passes and spring arrives, see the lives of these little animals change to meet the coming season.

The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day

Follow Isabella, her puppy, and her apple tree as they experience and explore every season in one day! Hit the button on each page to hear the orchestra.

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

When spring arrives, Fletcher is surprised to find a few stray snowflakes falling from the sky! Could it be that winter is quickly returning? Follow Fletcher to find out!

A Walk in the Forest

Discover the beauty of the forest in a whole new way as you take a hike this beautiful spring season!

And Then It’s Spring

Tried of the drab colors of winter, a little boy and his dog decide to plant a garden. Soon, spring will appear right before their eyes!

The Hike

Follow three young girls as they describe their hiking adventures in a nearby forest!

I hope you enjoyed this spring book list! If you would like other book list ideas, check out the links below. Happy reading!

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