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12 Must-Read Books about Women of Faith

I have a daughter . . . and as I stop and consider Women’s History Month, I think about the stories of amazing women that I want to tell her. While there are incredible female athletes and brilliant female scientists who have challenged the norm and reached new heights of achievement, who’s story do I want to tell to my daughter?

I want to tell my daughter about women who changed the world for God’s kingdom. I want my daughter to hear about ordinary women with God-given talent who gave all that they could to share Christ’s love with others. In my opinion, that is the greatest female achievement of all!

Below you will find books filled with beautiful stories of humble women who allowed God to work through them in ways they could never imagine. And now? Their stories have changed the world! These are the type of women I want to celebrate with my daughter during Women’s History Month!

Courageous World Changers

This great book contains the stories of fifty women who courageously answered God’s call in their life and changed the world around them by stepping out in faith and sharing God’s love in a variety of ways.

She Believed

Read about the lives of twelve incredible women such as Clara Barton and Fanny Crosby. Find out how despite it all, they believed that they could be used by God in a mighty way!

100 Extraordinary Stories for Courageous Girls

This book covers the stories of 100 women from the Bible, history, and the present! Girls of all ages will be encouraged by the way God used ordinary women such as Naomi, Rahab, Rosa Parks, and Bethany Hamilton to advance the gospel around the world.

30 Stories for Girls with God-Sized Dreams

From a young age, these girls believed that God had big plans for their lives. Follow the lives of inspirational, godly women such as Lottie Moon, Harriet Tubman, and Florence Nightingale.

Corrie ten Boom

Follow the incredible life of Corrie ten Boom filled with love, forgiveness, and an unwavering trust in God’s sovereign plan for her life and for her future.

Betty Greene

Betty Greene was an integral part of the aviation field during WWII. After the war, Greene used her skills as a pilot to start a mission board and serve countries and missionaries around the world by sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Betsey Stockton

Have you ever heard of Betsey Stockton? This woman was born into an enslaved family with a passion to serve Jesus on the mission field. Soon, God allowed her to serve the people of Hawaii and share the gospel with countless people.

Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward was a small woman with a big faith! Determined to answer God’s call to go to China as a missionary, she worked for years to save money for the train ticket. God used her to take in hundreds of children in China and raise them to love the Lord and share the gospel.

For Such a Time as This

Explore the lives of prominent women in the Bible and how God used them in incredible ways because of their faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

Ten Girls Who Made History

Explore the lives of ten girls whose lives were turned upside down by God’s calling and how they made history! This book talks about the lives of Lottie Moon, Florence Nightingale, Ida Scudder, and more!

Ten Girls Who Made a Difference

Read about Ann Judson, Katherine Luther, and others who were willing to be used by God to make a difference in the world around them.

Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents

Find out about ten women who were willing to use their God-given talents to serve the Lord in a variety of ways such as bringing medical care to Africa or sharing food with the homeless.

Bible Belles Series

Follow Rooney as she meets women of the faith throughout Scripture such as Hannah, Esther, and Deborah. Girls will be thoroughly engaged in Rooney’s adventures as they explore the Bible with fresh eyes!

As you read, I hope that your children will be inspired and challenged by the faith and courage that all of these women, past present, and future, had!

Happy reading!

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