Amazing DIY Office Renovation

In the summer of 2021, I began toying with the idea of blogging. I’ve never blogged before, and honestly, I wasn’t sure I could stick with it for very long. The thought of coming up with blogging and social media content for an indefinite period of time scared me.

“What if I couldn’t do it? What if I put all the work into it and then have nothing else to say in a year?!”

These were real questions that I asked myself . . . and still ask myself from time to time. Despite my skepticism, I researched and talked with friends who had been successful in the blogging world. They’re stories encouraged me, and I figured I would give it a shot . . . even if the experience really did last for just a year.

Fast forward to today. I made it six months and the ideas keep coming! So fast, in fact, that I can’t get it all done and published fast enough! I found that I actually enjoy this type of creative outlet!

As we approached the start of 2022, I decided that I really wanted to work to grow Simply Literature this year. Last year, during those six months, I have worked to get my footing in the blogging world. Now, I feel that it is time to get the pedal to the metal and get this thing going!

In thinking about these lofty goals, I thought, “Man! It would be really great if I had some sort of place dedicated to my blogging work. A home base. A place to set up shop.” The problem is, we live in a small house that doesn’t allow for an office space.

Then, I had an idea. In our main bedroom, we have one wall of closet space with two access points. Up until this point, my husband and I stored all of our clothes in this closet because we didn’t have a dresser.

In thinking about building an office space, I concluded that once I could get the dresser from IKEA that I wanted (but they were never in stock!), then we could move all of our folded clothes out of our closet, freeing up space for us to share hanging space on one side of the closet. This would make the other side available for an office.

I figured I would put this dream on the backburner until I could get that dresser that I had been trying to snag for over a year. Then . . . SURPRISE! My husband had already bought me the dresser I had been eyeing for so long!

From that moment on, the project was a go! All of the furniture in our bedroom had been built or refinished by us. Therefore, I painted and stained the new dresser to match our end tables. I used the brand Mud Paint in China White. Then, I switched out the wooden knobs for round, brushed bronze knobs, and I stained the top Dark Walnut.

When it was finished, we moved all of our clothes over to the dresser and freed up one side of the closet for a DIY closet office.

We chose to build a floating desk with two shelves above it for storage. We stained all of the wood Dark Walnut and bought L brackets in matte black for the shelves. These shelves and brackets tie in with other shelves we’ve installed around the house.

Next, I needed to think about storage. We decided not to try to build any drawer storage underneath the desk as we were on a Christmas-money-only budget for this project. I love the look and the different textures of baskets, so I decided that they would be the perfect solution for my open shelf storage.

I found a beautiful set of nesting baskets with lids on Amazon which have turned out to be perfect for the space. To add to the storage space, I checked out my local thrift store and discovered several small baskets that fit on the bottom shelf.

To create an inviting space, I wanted to add some florals that looked real, but didn’t require any maintenance. Dried florals were the perfect solution. I love the look of dried lavender in a medicine glass bottle. I did also find one greenery plant that looked fairly real and fit perfectly in one of my thrifted baskets, so it found a home on the shelf too.

This three compartment basket turned out to be the perfect way to store basic office supplies on the desktop. The basket did turn out to be bigger than what I expected, so I placed small canning jars inside each of the compartments to provide more separation for pens, pencils, and such.

In my home, I want everything to feel cozy, so of course, I had to add a couple of elements that would bring the cozy vibe to this little work space. The Target dollar section is my favorite place to buy small beautiful candles. I picked one up for the office, and it smells so good while I work.

I also needed a light since we don’t have can lighting in the closet. Target sells small lamps for about $12, and it was the perfect size for my bottom shelf. The warm glow of the lamp definitely completes this cozy space.

Because it is my husband and I’s space in the house, I wanted to add a sweet, romantic moment to finish off the office. Once again, the Target dollar section came through with these wooden frames.

I chose to display the first note that my husband gave me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. We only had a budding friendship back then, but I remember that this note and the flowers gave me butterflies in my stomach. I also saved that first bouquet, so I placed one of the dried flowers in the frame.

I love how this space turned out! It can function as a full blown office or it can be closed off and tucked away. I am looking forward to spending time building Simply Literature in this beautiful space, and I hope you will follow along on this journey with me!

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