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16 Books to Teach the Real Meaning of Christmas

There are so many reasons to anticipate the Christmas season! Every year I look forward to cranking up the timeless holiday tunes as I drive to work each morning. The day to pull out box after box of Christmas decorations can’t come soon enough. And crazy, brightly colored Christmas sweaters become a wardrobe staple during the month of December!

While each of these moments are exciting and much anticipated, nothing compares to the true joy of the holiday! For me, Christmas is the time that my family and I stop and reflect on the incredible reality of Christ’s birth.

Christ’s birth was an amazing event because it fulfilled prophesies that were shared for thousands of years throughout the Old Testament. Christ’s birth was amazing because rather than coming to earth as an adult to quickly bring to pass his redeeming plan, he chose to live a human life, from birth to adulthood, here on this earth. His life on earth means that he not only understands what I go through each day because he is an all-knowing God, but because he lived it himself. And finally, Christ’s birth is amazing because I have a God who was willing to put himself into the humble, helpless form of a baby to live, and die, and redeem me.

How can this message not be shared?

This season, take a moment to read some of these books with your little ones and reflect on the true joy of the Christmas season!

Good News! It’s Christmas!

by Glenys Nellist

God Gave Us Christmas

by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Twas the Evening of Christmas

by Glenys Nellist

Room for a Little One

by Martin Waddell


by Cynthia Rylant

Silent Night

by Lara Hawthorne

From Eden to Bethlehem

by Danielle Hitchen

M is for Manger

by Crystal Bowman

Jesus Came for Me

by Jared Kennedy

The Promise of Christmas

by Daily Grace Co.

If you are looking for other Christmas book titles to fill your holiday season with cozy reading moments by the tree, check out another Christmas book list and get a fun count down idea to add to your Christmas traditions.

Merry Christmas!

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