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My Cozy Christmas Classroom

This week, I am going to step away from my usual reading content and share with you how I decorate my classroom for Christmas. My overall goal in putting my classroom together each year is to have a cohesive theme and a cozy feel when you walk in the door. To create a classroom that feels homey, I use lots of lamps with warm light, textiles such as throw pillows and a big rug, and posters hung in picture frames.

When Christmas arrives, I like to take the cozy, homey vibe to a whole new level by adding a few special touches.

Lots and Lots of Christmas Lights

First of all, what is Christmas without loads of Christmas lights? The first year as a teacher, I went to the store during Thanksgiving break and I bought boxes and boxes of warm, white Christmas lights.

Now, each year, I drape a twinkly strand over ever bulletin board, white board, or bookshelf I can find! My students love doing Christmas activities while sitting in the glow of our Christmas lights.

Holiday Pillows

I love to switch out my everyday throw pillows for these festive cuties! The students love to use my pillows as they sit around and the Christmas detail makes it feel like home.

Christmas Book Display

If you read my post 45 Christmas Picture Books, then you know that its a classroom tradition to unwrap a new holiday book each day. After we have all enjoyed a new story, I love to display our books throughout the room. As we near Christmas break, every surface is filled with Christmas books and the memories of reading together.

These books are beloved classics!

Christmas Tree

A favorite addition to my reading corner each year is a small, little Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath. My students love to gather around the Christmas tree as they do their work or read.

Christmas Knick Knacks

Every teacher is different when it comes to knick knacks. I, for one, do not mind a few here and there to continue the homey feel. I love to add small bits of holiday artwork or cute figurines to the top of my shelves. Every home has a bookshelf knick knack and a little artwork, so why shouldn’t we?

Music and a Crackling Fire

A virtual fireplace is a must-have in my cozy, Christmas classroom. Unless I have to use the board for some other reason, than I have a crackling fire blazing on the board as the students work. And yes, I turn on the sound for a full effect.

While the fire is burns and the students work diligently on their holiday activities, I enjoy playing soft, instrumental music in the background to keep the Christmas magic alive.

How to Create Your Own Cozy Classroom on a Budget

Obviously, these magical additions to the classroom during the Christmas season are not free. I have a budget, but if you keep your eye out, you can create the Christmas classroom of your dreams for very little money.

First, shop the Target dollar section. Often Target sells items such as small throw pillows, greenery, artwork, and other knick knacks that can add so much to your classroom but go easy on your wallet.

Second, shop off season. Don’t pay full price for Christmas lights if you don’t have to. If you are able, shop your local Walmart in the days after Christmas and get boxes of lights for a killer price.

Third, keep an eye on Facebook market place. If you are looking for a Christmas tree to add to your decoration collection, watch for others selling their trees after the holidays. After the season, some find that they no longer want their tree so they will sell it for a cheap price rather than storing it for another year.

And finally, utilize your public library! Picture books can be expensive and your personal collection may need to grow over a long period of time. This doesn’t mean, however, that you couldn’t have a Christmas book count down. Simply explore your local library and wrap the literary treasures that you find to share with your students.

Christmas is such a wonderful year for you and for your students. Instead of simply surviving in these last couple of weeks of school, why not add some holiday touches that will make the season magical for both you and your students!

Merry Christmas!

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