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12 Tools to Celebrate Advent

As Halloween fades and we begin to look ahead to the holidays, you may hear talk about Advent. What is Advent? According to Britannica, advent is defined as “the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas and also of preparation for the Second Coming of Christ.”

As Christians, it is a true blessing to spend each day in December leading up to Christmas to stop and think about all that Christ has done for us in His plan of redemption. Christ’s birth is not just a cute story to make us feel good about the holiday. Rather, it was Christ’s promise from the beginning of time, being fulfilled here on our earth. What an event worth celebrating!

Now, we look ahead to when God’s redemptive plan is complete in His Second Coming. Just as the Christians in the Old Testament looked ahead and prepared for the first coming of their Savior in the form of Baby Jesus, we should be looking ahead to the triumphal entry of our Lord.

Advent is a time to stop and think about what Christ has done for us in the manger and what He will do for us when He returns. This year, I challenge you to make the most of the Christmas season by find a tool that will walk you through the hope of God’s Word as you get closer to Christmas.

Each tool below would be perfect for families and children of all ages. Many of these resources include crafts, songs, or other activities for everyone to engage in during the Advent season.

A Jesus Christmas

by Barbara Reaoch

The Way to the Manger

by Jeff and Abbey Land

25 Days of the Christmas Story

by Jeff and Abbey Land

Waiting for Jesus

by Daily Grace Co.

Waiting for Jesus Advent Cards

by Daily Grace Co.

The Family Tree of Christ

by Tiny Theologians

ABCs of Christmas

by Tiny Theologians

Countdown to Christmas

by Carol Garborg

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Happy Advent!

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