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The Cutest Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

I can’t believe it! This past week, my little girl turned one! It seems like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital with our tiny, sweet little. To celebrate, I decided to put together the cutest Peter Rabbit birthday party to commemorate this milestone.

As most parents can attest, coming up with a party theme for a baby’s first birthday can be intimidating. For us, our daughter is the first grandbaby on both sides, therefore all of the parents and grandparents were coming to visit and celebrate. I wanted to pick a theme that was simple, sweet, unique, and wouldn’t break the bank.

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I have always loved the sweet illustrations from Beatrix Potter books such as Peter Rabbit, and that’s when it hit me . . . a Peter Rabbit party would be perfect! For the decorations, I shopped my house first. Thankfully, my home is currently decorated in a slightly vintage, cottage theme. As a result, many of my home decorations paired perfectly with the Peter Rabbit illustrations.

As I prepared, I picked out cake stands, white vases, picture frames, table runners, wooden beads, and dried lavender from around my house. I purchased Peter Rabbit cupcake holders and toothpick toppers to match. Because I did not have enough dried lavender to fill both of my vases, I found simple sunflowers to add to the lavender and created a beautiful arrangement with fresh and dried flowers.

A month ago, my mother-in-law knit my daughter the softest, most beautiful blue sweater with a big wooden button! When I decided on the Peter Rabbit theme and began to put together my decorations, I immediately thought of this sweet blue sweater that could represent Peter’s blue coat. While thrifting, I found a white eyelet dress for Hazel and paired it with the blue sweater. My sister graciously did a mini photoshoot in this outfit to commemorate this occasion in our sweet girl’s life. The pictures were beautiful, and they added such a personal touch to the decorated tables at the party.

I also printed a couple of Peter Rabbit pictures and added them to frames I had from around the house. Mixing a little silver and gold elevated all of the decorations from just simple to simple and elegant.

During the actual party, I hung the blue sweater above the highchair along with wooden beads and fresh flowers. It made for a beautiful backdrop.

Overall, the party was simple . . . just a few friends and family in the backyard, grilling out and enjoying cupcakes made from a box. Don’t make it complicated. Do you have a favorite book? Let it inspire you to decorate for a party or HAVE a party or simply create a cozy space in your home.

Happy reading! And have a happy party!

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