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All the Books You Need About the ABCs

At some point in a child’s life, they must learn the alphabet . . . so why not make it fun?! Below is a list of unique books that feature the alphabet in a variety of ways. Want to engage your child in learning their ABCs? Find a book that centers around their interest such as the farm, science, camping, classic literature, or trains. You’re little one will know their letters and sounds in no time!

Aussie Animals Alphabet

by Jess Elford

P is for Pterodactyl

by Raj Haldar

D is for Democracy

by Elissa Grodin

A is for Apple

by Tiger Tales

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

by Dr. Seuss

ABC Math Book

by Dori Stewart

ABC Engineering Book

by Dr. Natoshia Anderson

ABC Technology Book

by Sage French

ABC Science Book

by Anjoli Joshi

C is for Camping

by Greg Paprocki

Classic Lit A to Z

by Jennifer Adams

Z Goes Home

by Jon Agee

An Inconvenient Alphabet

by Beth Anderson

B is for Baby

by Atinuke

Z is for Moose

by Kelly Bingham

An Annoying ABC

by Barbara Bottner

Eating the Alphabet

by Lois Ehlert

ABC Letters in the Library

by Bonnie Farmer

Alison’s Zinnia

by Anita Lobel

An Edible Alphabet

by Carol Watterson

All Aboard ABC

by Doug Magee

ABC Pasta

by Juana Medina

The ABCs of What I Can Be

by Caitlin McDonagh

ABZzz . . .

by Isabel Martins

From Anne to Zach

by MaryJane Martin

G is for Goat

by Patricia Polacco

Now you know your ABCs, next time won’t you . . . learn about colors? Great! We’re here to help! Be sure to check out 28 Must-Have Picture Books About Colors for a list of engaging and colorful books. Not sure you want to spend the money or store all of these books? Check out Why I Should Get a Library Card.

Happy reading!

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