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I’m Gabrielle! I am a mom and teacher just sharing what I have learned and love about reading! Check out the blog for new books and ideas to incorporate reading into your everyday life!

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Create Your Own Constitution

As we approach the Independence Day, create your own constitution with your family or your class. I believe it is important to talk with children about the importance of our constitution created by our forefathers. According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, constitution is defined as “fundamental principles on which an organization agrees to be governed.” Our… Continue reading Create Your Own Constitution

Top 10 Literature-Based Cookbooks

Step into the world of your favorite books with these top 10 literature-based cookbooks! At the beginning of the summer, I shared 10 simple ways to engage your young readers over the summer. A few of the tips that I shared were getting into a book series as a family, eating food inspired by books,… Continue reading Top 10 Literature-Based Cookbooks

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